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The Prey

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the preyThis post is a bit more personal than usual because it involves people that have helped shape this organization and perservered when others have lost interest.

There's no doubt that the best part of starting the OC Screenwriters is when members meet, pull together their resources, and create something wonderful.  This has happened several times already and the latest iteration of this concept of networking is the group behind "The Prey."  

They've made me a part of this insanely ambitious project and it's truly a thrill to be again working with Rudy Garcia, Eric Hensman, his brother Matt (and super-neice Scarlett,) Itai Levin, and soon-to-be mega-producer Victor Phan.

With a script written by Gustavo Sainz and contributions from various other OCSWA members, there is no doubt that the film will be fantastic.

Locations have been scouted, models created, a recent investors' meeting drew in some much-needed capital, and the core production team has been assembled for a scheduled late-spring, early summer shoot. 

If you've met any of these men and women at our meetings you'll understand why I feel lucky to be associated with them.  They're talented, super-ambitious (in a good way) and generous of spirit.  I could see this team going on to many more successful ventures.

It starts for this team with "The Prey" - where it ends is still to be determined but it's along a bright, shining road filled with challenges but also with the confidence of their capabilities to overcome and thrive.

Best of luck moving forward, dudes.  Thanks for making me a part of something grand.