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    Final Draft Insider View with Filmmaker Andrew Jenks

    Final Draft Insider View with Filmmaker Andrew Jenks

    Andrew Jenks, award-winning twenty-something American filmmaker, explains how to find the story in documentaries, and how the story often leads you to discover material you were never expecting. From the realities of nursing homes to  a young man fighting to get a wrongful conviction overturned, Jenks finds moving topics and uses his storytelling skills to craft unforgettable documentaries. In addition to his filmmaking, he is also the host of MTV's very popular documentary series World of Jenks. If all that work werent enough to keep him busy, he is the founder of the All-American High School Film Festival. The annual event was designed to inspire and educate young filmmakers from around the world and features judges such as Kristen Stewart, Morgan Spurlock, and Diablo Cody.

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