mark 115x115Mark Sevi is a professional screenwriter, screenwriting teacher (Irvine Vallley College) and the founder of the OC Screenwriters Association.


Mark has been a professional writer for many years.  Before he embarked on a writing career he was a professional musician for ten years, and small business owner for a time.

He's mentioned that in looking back, he feels his entire life had been preparing to work in film and it remains his abiding joy.


Mark's scriptwriting career has spanned two decades.  In that time he has sold 30 scripts, had 19 produced into movies, including "Devil's Knot" the true story of the West Memphis Three starring Oscar-winning actors Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth.

Mark also teach scriptwriting for the past several years at Irvine Valley College.  His classes have never stopped, ongoing for at least a decade and a half. 

Mark also lectures at colleges and events.