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    Robert Rollins

    Robert Rollins

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    Director, Producer, Writer and Photographer

    Born and raised in Newport Beach, Robert Rollins enjoyed a competitive life of sailing and other aquatic sports this beach city had to offer.  While attending Newport Harbor High School, Robert's ability for being an animator and watercolor artist was recognized with the Bank of America Achievement Award and the Lido Marina Village Newport Art Commission.  Being an achiever in his academic years, Robert not only accelerated his graduation from high school, but was accepted to California Institute of the Arts based solely on the merits of his portfolio while visiting the then Dean of Character Animation, Robert Winquist.  It wasn't long after starting at CalArts that Robert began exploring other avenues of his artistic talent by specializing in directing, writing and producing under the tutelage of his mentor Rudi Fehr (editor of Key Largo, Dial M for Murder and Academy Award Nominee for the editing of Prizzi's Honor).

    Since graduating, Robert has owned the start-up company Talent On-Line, an on-line casting service for actors and actresses, worked at UBS Financial Services, designed artwork for skateboard decks, and has written a half dozen screenplays.  Some of his screenplays were considered for purchase by Imagine Entertainment.  In 2007, Robert's short subject Pumpkin Hollow was shown in the LA Shorts Fest's Filmmakers Showcase Selection.  Robert received notoriety in 2008 when his featurette Knightfall won the prestigious Telly Award and his screenplay Interregnum was a finalist at the Cinema City International Film Festival. In 2012 Robert was the recipient of the Telly Award and the West Coast Film Festival Local Filmmaker Award for The Magic Hourglass. His directing, writing and producing filmography includes: Dream Country, Fortune‚Äôs Fools, Knightfall, Long After Midnight, The Magic Hourglass and Pumpkin Hollow.






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