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    Victor Phan

    Victor Phan

    Board Member

    A native to Southern California, Victor Phan's lifelong dream was to become a comic book artist. However, during his teen years, his focus shifted from the world of graphic novels to film and its ability to reach a wider audience.

    At the age of 18, Phan began working as a production assistant on Vietnamese music videos. He spent his college years working on sets during his weekends, while attending California State University, Fullerton where he would finish both his Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts in Screenwriting degrees.

    While still an undergraduate, Victor interned as a reader at Mark Wheeler Management and Ben Katz Productions. During his internship, Phan impressed Katz with his ability to draw, and was hired by Katz as storyboard artist on a feature film. Phan soon after achieved his first publishing, in small circulation magazines and anthologies, establishing a foothold in the world of horror with a series of short stories.

    During his senior year, Phan formed Torture Chamber Productions, an independent production company producing horror films and adapting screenplays to graphic novels.

    Phan teaches screenwriting courses at California State University, Fullerton, as well as provides creative services and technological services to media companies and independent clients all across Southern California. Phan is on the board of Orange County Screenwriters Association and is represented by Kelly LaMarr of Nancy Chaidez and Associates Agency. 



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