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    Tuesday, 21 July 2009 15:02

    Mission Statement

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    Mission Statement/Statement of Purpose. The Orange County Screenwriters Association (OCSWA) and The Orange County Media Arts Organization (OCMAO) are not-for-profit organization conceived to be a connective resource of creative energy and real-world materials for professional and amateur writers and filmmakers.

    OCSWA and OCMAO are the creation of writers, educators, film professionals and mentors, based in the belief that the passion and dedication to write and produce film is prevalent in our community and should be encouraged so all can achieve artistic, professional and economic success. We are volunteer members who believe in the power of film and the art and craft of writing and producing it. We exist to inspire excellence, and to help empower those interested in film, television and theater. To further our goals, OSCWA and OCMAO will produce events that feature industry guest speakers, writing and film contests, discussion panels, seminars, and networking & educational opportunities. OSCWA and OCMAO, in partnership with other film and collegiate programs, proudly represents the best that the Orange County film community (and beyond) has to offer. As always, we welcome your help and support.

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