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    Newport Beach Film Festival 2018 - Seminars


    The Newport Beach Film Festival is not just about watching movies!

    It’s also a chance to network with filmmakers and industry pros. You can do this at QA’s after world premieres, at nightly parties, and at FREE seminars this Saturday and Sunday at the Newport Civic Center.

    Access to working people in the industry is limited in Orange County. Your only regular options are the events we sponsor here at OC Screenwriters.

    So don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity!

    The NBFF’s FREE seminars are a great way to shake hands and chat with working writers, directors, editors, musicians, animators, and other industry pros.

    This year, the panel titles are:

    Cinematography Master Class
    Building a career in Animation
    Heroes of the Editing Room
    Diversity in Film and TV Music
    Screenwriting Seminar

    The screenwriting panel is moderated by Kevin Ott, a veteran writer and a juror at the Austin Film Festival. Kevin’s guest is Ashley Miller whose credits include: X-Men- First Class, Thor: 2, Black Sails, and Fringe.

    These screenwriters will speak for about forty-five minutes. Then there’s a QA, and you can chat with them after.

    Among the cinematography panelists is Jonathan Sela (Deadpool 2, Atomic Blonde, John Wick) and he’ll sit down with the editor of Variety to discuss his career and the business of cinematography.

    Lohanne Cook, who runs the panels, says, “This is a networking opportunity for those interested in the industry. I’ve had people get agents and jobs just by talking with speakers and guests here who are connected in the business.”

    The panels are held this Saturday and Sunday at the Newport Beach Civic Center, Community Room. 100 Civic Center Dr, Newport Beach.

    The festival works with the city of Newport Beach to fund and produce the seminars. “We do this with the Newport Arts commission,” says Lohanne. “Visit our web site for the most current info on speakers.”

    Here’s a link to the site:


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