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    It's rare for me to find myself laughing aloud at a show, especially one that's done by a network.  "The Mick" made me guffaw several times.  Yes, guffaw - don't judge - that's the word I want and it perfectly describes my reaction to this delightful new comedy.

    "It's Always Sunny in Philladephia" alum Kaitlyn Olson spreads her wings (and if you saw the pilot you'd know just how clever a usuage of a cliche that is) in this excellent and hilarious show from producers/writers Dave and John Chernin who were also a bigpart of "IASIP."

    The premise is ridiculous and simple:  Olson (Mackenzie "Mickey" Murphy, AKA The Mick) is trying to hit her millionaire sister up for some cash at a party when the FBI swoops in and arrests sis (Poodle) and her husband.  Mickey is tapped to watch the kids for one night on the promise that sis will give her the funds she denied her earlier.  Unfortunately, Poodle and hubby have to flee the country and Mickey is stuck for a while longer watching the brood.

     the mickWhy ridiculous?  Well, (1) the sister and her husband are bazillionaires with resources that defy description (even the youngest kid has a Black Card) and (2) you'd be more likely to leave your kids with the wino who lives behind the liquor store than with Aunt Mickey (wait, that's not a bad concept....yeah, okay it sucks - this one's much better.) 

    Anyway. Mickey is massively dysfunctional as witnessed by the brilliant opening rampage in a grocery store where she does everything but pee into a bucket in the household goods aisle.  I'd love to know if the producers took Olson to a store and did a "Borat" on the hapless shoppers.  The reactions to Olson are priceless.

    The kids are dysfunctional and hilarious also:

    SofiaBlackDelia e1408672516569There's Sabrina (Sofia Black-D'Elia) a faux environmentally-sensitive, party girl whose disdain for her aunt Mickey is epic and deep ("I'm sorry we're you saying something?  I was just noticing how uneven your eyebrows are.") and who provides both some of the funniest moments of the show, and the ones that strike so deeply into your sense of comedic anticipation. You just can't wait to see these two go at each other. Although Sabrina is perfectly snarky and powerful, Auntie is just always a half-step ahead. 

    A sub-plot involving an owl (hence the "wings" joke) is just brilliant.  Aunt and Niece are two sides of the same coin even though Sabrina was raised in wealth and Mickey was raised by drunken wolves.  They will be intensely funny and incredible adversaries to come.  Can't wait!

    Chip (Thomas Barbusca) is a perfect candidate for the Young Middle child, Republican of the Year whose watch-phrase is "I'll sue them."  He quickly learns that taking Auntie Mickey's advice is pure poison.  She, in fact, tells him "Why did you listen to me?  Everyone knows I give terrible advice."  Yep.  How'd that penis thing work out for you?

    the mickAnd youngster Ben (Jack Stanton), a sweet child who can be molded and shaped into just about anything including to eating ice cream that he's allergic to.

    Rounding out the household is Alba (Carla Jimenez) a Latina housekeeper who has bonded with Mickey on a deep level after they spend the day getting shit-faced and doing anything that Alba was blocked from doing when normalcy reigned.  

    The sense of a bomb about to explode is never more keenly felt than when Mickey is on stage.  She might do anything.  And Olson not only has great comedic timing from her years on "IASIP" but she is a gifted pTheMick S1 Ep102 sc18 PM 0058 f hires2hysical comedienne.  People used to always compare female comedians with Lucille Ball - in this case, it's true.  Olson is the rightful heir apparent.  Laying in a pool of shattered wine, dressed in her sister's wedding dress after falling off a banister she's sliding down, her "where am I face" is so spot on.  You believe her - she just simply disappears into a role.  What a great comedic talent.

    One of the ways I judge a show is how it leaves me.  Not only if I want more (I do) but what is the last impression it leaves.  In this case (the pilot ep) the last line is classic - just soooo funny.  As are the reactions of the two characters involved in it.  Oh, joy.  What a masterful ending moment!

    There is so much fun in this show; my fear is they can't keep it up; that they'll fail to maintain that fine comedic edge between humor and stupid.  As brilliant as "IASIP" was/is there were times they just took it too far. But given the provenance of this show and the promise it has shown so far, my money's on "The Mick" to play out for hopefully five+ years at least of ribald and very creative humor.

    "The Mick" is on Fox.

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